Branding of Byqee

Before BrandIng:

Byqee is an e-bike conversion kit brand which allows you to turn any bike into an e-bike within minutes. Before the branding, Byqee had a function based communication strategy and couldn’t reach its potential audience. Its visual identity was not eye-catching and professional enough.

What we have done?

As a main step of our process, we started with the research. We analyzed all documents that were available and we had interviews with founders and employees. Research phase gave us essential information about the current audience and the brand’s problems.


We created a brand-new strategy for Byqee and decided to tell a story about changing urban transportation experience, not about battery capacity. We positioned the brand as an escape from traffic jams, crowded subways and waiting at the bus stop.We segmented the audience and created diverse personas to deliver the brand’s message.

Verbal IdentIty:

We designed the brand personality to inspire people. We wanted to say “We miss life when we get stuck in traditional transportation. Transportation should be turned into inspiration.” All of the core messages are planned around this perspective.

Visual Identıty:

After the strategy & storytelling phase, we started to change its whole visual identity, including the brand logo. We created a more colorful visual identity compared to the old one. We redesigned the logo in accordance with the brand image that does not accept the ordinary, is different, but also has fun and is open to discovery. Following this, the new logo showed itself in a dynamic, simple but catchy form. We crowned the new visual identity of Byqee, where we entered its dynamic world with the logo, with fonts and color palette.